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Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
Thanks...I like McCauley better that "Neon" Leon Hall...What about Paul Posluszney , do you think he is a 3-4 OLB? ...and being from Indiana..have you got to see much of Prescott Burgess? (half the people I know here in Illinois are Michigan fans)
Yes I have seen alot of Prescott Burgess. Funny thing is I happen to be Michigan fan. I like Pitt also but growing up here in Big 10 country I just started watching Michigan when I was a kid. I would think when it comes Posluszney and Burgess even though they are OLB but in a 3-4 I think they would be moved inside. But also why not just draft one of these guys and see if they can play outside in a 3-4. If not then move them inside. I think both would be very good inside backers in a 3-4.

I'm with you..I rather have the kid from Fresno then Leon Hall also. I'm a Michigan fan and I think this.
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