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Default 1 week to go - so the Poem Queen is back LOL

Hey all, I haven't been around much during the off season, but I'm SOOOO excited for the new season, and can NOT wait till next Sunday! Being in Titan land, it's gonna be a rowdy Sunday at my local sports bar! Anyway, here's the first one for the season.

It's time for a new season - we've waited all year
It's September and gametime is finally here

We open our season with our first game at home
Of course I wrote another Steelers poem

The Titans travel up north from Music City
They'll go home with a loss - oh what a pity

Our record season is now in the past
We look forward to a new one with Ben and supporting cast

Ben led us to a 15-1 record but we're still missing 1 thing
We have yet to claim that 5th Superbowl ring

Can Ben have another good year is what we all ask?
We certainly hope he is up for the task

Bettis will be back to play once more
With him on the field we're sure to score

Plaxico is gone - he's become a New York Giant
On our Big Nasty "D' we can be reliant

Hines was a holdout - he gave us a scare
Thinking of a season without him - we don't want to dare

Now we don't have to because he's back in the fold
All he wants to do is retire with the Black & Gold

What will happen this year we have yet to see
But watching our Steelers is right where we'll be

We've lost some players and we've gained some more
But there's still one thing that is for sure

This year there's only one thing that will satisfy us
We're on a mission to Detroit, XL and we're taking The Bus!

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