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Default Re: Ben in 2nd season

good post, the reason i ain't to worried about ben is because everytime they showed a steelers game down here, he was always a second half qb, and in the preseason he didn't play in the second half so he couldn't really show us what he's going to be like. hopefully ARE and wilson will give him some help and catch the ball. ARE always seem to want to run before the ball is fully secured and wilson well i didn't see much cause i only got to see two preseason games here, and in the first game against the eagles the defense and special teams kept scoring so the first string offense didn't really get to play. also i hope heath miller will get into the action a lot too he showed us he can do it this past week, and we all know ward is going to get his. so i don't think we should be to worried about ben until maybe week 3 if he's still looks like he did in the preseason.
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