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Default Re: Trade up in the draft?

One, we would never trade up that far under the current cap situation cause after Ben last year and whoever we would take 15 and up would cost us too much of that "high draft position" money. Those guys don't get a contract based on their position and talent, they get it because the guy who got drafted there last year got that much so I should too. On the lower half thoughI don't see us moving in the first round because some value will always fall below to the 25-35 spots. Check it out for yourself. Now in the second, we may move up because there seems to be an issue of getting top 50 guys. We are currently, #30, and #60 so we move up and trade away a 4th or 5th to get a chance at two in the top 50. Normally though I think we do this when we had extra picks cause of free agents leaving, but recently we make up our minds on players and move up just cause we want them bad. First it was Reed, who we almost moved up and got, then it was Troy, then it was Ricardo(I think). So we are getting pretty comfy doing this. Overall I'm for it as I would rather be passionate about someone and put the ball in his court to perform, than just pick someone cause we couldn't get what we wanted.
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