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You know, I read that I'm just as upset as anyone with the recent skid the Pens have had, but talking about replacing the coach or making trades is just silly. NOBODY expected the Pens to make the playoffs this season, and a solid start does not and should not change that. I've said from day one - even during the good start - that people need to temper their enthusiasm, because there were going to be plenty of growing pains with this team, and putting an undue burden on them does absolutely no good whatsoever. They're the second-youngest team in the league, for Christ's sake - let them grow as a team before we start raising the expectation level around here.

That said, nice win tonight...but they still need to get their asses in gear if they want to make the playoffs. And if they don't, hey...just having a significantly better record than last season is good enough for me.
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