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Default Re: Help all you Steeler Fans !!!

hey,, let me tell you the best thing you can get for your boyfriend, it is fantacy football,, send him to it.. he will love it.. listen i been there for the past 4 yrs. and it is great. you get to meet current and former players. you just don't know how much fun you have. it is at the training camp where the steelers pratice in latrobe. they train you and drink beer with you and have some personal time with the players. one on one.. for me , i made some good friends at the camp with hard core fans to former players. , i could tell you that i meet jeef reed at the camp and since i know him he seen me at a game and gave my a game ball.. , and on june 10th on this year he took me up in hines ward bar in vip and partied with the team, now, louis lipps is a good friend of mine where we meet at the camp. he take me everywhere now i caddy for hiim in celb. golf tourn. and even play in them.. well, this week i even was in the box seat right beside dan rooneys bow (45yrd. line) it was great. now, that isn't all go to tony dorsett's golf tournament every year. and that is not all i meet dewyane woodruff at camp too. now, we are friends and he gives me a tickets to the game this week. he ever got inducted in the profootball hall of fame and i was his special guest sitting with his wife and family . for me. i would rather go to that camp then go to any steeler football game. i been to both and that camp really is the best ,, if you want info call me shawn 606-615-4370
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