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Default Re: Where would the Pats be w/ out Brady?

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I have read this thing about Ben being 'unpopular' in the locker-room on a couple of forums- but for now thats all it is...rumours.

On a different thread a mentioned quickly the phenomona where the Media pre-selects its chosen few - in terms of teams (Colts) and players (Manning(s), Moss, etc) - and if anybody dare upstage them (see Patriots, Brady and Big Ben) then they are subjected to the harshest media scrutiny that just appears to be waiting for them to fail.

Im pretty sick of reading about how Ben is going to fail this year - he had an absolutely outstanding first year - way above what could have been expected of him - now it seems the Media has decided that he is getting a litttle too big for his boots and have decided to take him down a peg or fair means or foul.


Yeah rumors just suck dont they.. I know Im as tired of hearing the ones about Ben as you are the ones about the Pats already destined to have an off year. We just take it w/ a grain of salt and laugh all the way into the postseason.
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