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Default Re: Nobody in the AFCN has looked "good"

Originally Posted by Suitanim
LITP, you are well versed, intelligent and, ultimately, decieved.

I look forward to observing your reactions to the inevitable demise of the Pats when "all good things come to an end". ...

Or...did you think they would dominate the NFL forever?
Firstly, thanks for the kind compliments Suitanim.

Secondly, I am not too sure where you deduced that I am of the opinion that the Pats will 'dominate the NFL forever'.

What I have said in the past is that the Patriots have a set up in place that allows them to produce consistent winning teams - not that they will win the SB every year of course....

I have posted in the past that the two most successful teams currently in the NFL are the Eagles and the Patriots and I think it is fair to say that these organisations have used the STEELER template to provide the basis for this success.

You look at cap management - The Steelers have always shied away from paying ridiculous sums for over-rated me-first talent.

The style of aggressive D.

The focus on team above the individual - admittedly the Eagles have lost their way a little here with the acquisition of T.O. - but once bitten twice shy eh?

The excellent front office committed to nurturing of talent through the draft rather than throwing money at free agency.

I give you 3 teams - The Eagles, Patriots and Steelers, that, if they stick to these ideals, will be consistently competetive for the foreseeable future.

So - heres to the teams that do it the right way - The Steelers and The Patriots


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