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Default Re: Duce to have carries in week 1.

Originally Posted by JerseySTEEL
Not saying a bunch fo carrys only a couple to get him warmed up, i have team pass and saw the video, bill used the words"Willie is the starter and haynes will back him up but, ideally duce at one point can get in the game and get a couple of carries since he hasn't played in ahwile.".So no misunderstanding him since i watched the video ;).
Actually he said this lol

Q: If Duce and Joey don?t play, how do you feel about their replacements?
And maybe was it good in preseason that you got a chance to play them. I don?t think there?s any question. Whether Duce plays or not, Willie (Parker) is going to start. And Verron (Haynes) is going to be a part of it. Ideally, we?d like to get him some repetition. He hasn?t played for a long time. Joey has played some in this camp, more than Duce, but whether he comes back and plays, James Harrison is still going to play a lot of football. And I feel very good about James. I think you look at James Harrison and Willie Parker, I think it was good. Willie didn?t get a lot of reps, but he?s been here, he?s a second-year guy. I feel pretty good about him. But certainly when James Harrison has stepped in, he?s played at a very high level.
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