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Default A Day In Bengaldom

I thought I'd share a slice of life here in Cincy. Today as I was on my way to watch the game I came across 3 Bengal men. They started giving me a "good natured" hard time about being a Steeler fan and how poorly my team is doing this year. I assured them that it was just a temporary setback and that I comfort myself with our 5 Lombardi's....that they shouldn't be too jealous as it can do ugly things to people. The response.......what's a Lombardi????? When I realized that he wasn't kidding, I said "Yeah....that's what the Bengals haven't figured out yet either!!!"

After the game I was at a checkout counter in a local store. The salesperson asked about the button I was wearing on my jacket. It's a Polomalu button with a "tail" on it that is supposed to look like his hair. She asked if it was real. I just smiled assuming that she was kidding. She said "It is? How did you get it? How cool! That must have cost alot! must be a real fan! Can I touch it?" She was deadpan serious! Stillers, who was with me, told her about the game where Troy got pulled down by the hair and I just said how amazing it is what you can get on EBay!!!! She was in awe. The guy in line in front of us literally rolled into the parking lot laughing!

Thanks to MeanJoe for surprising me with my new sig.

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