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Default Re: The coaches or the players...

Its difficult to say with Manning - if the front office followed the same route as the Colts and sacraficed a balanced team for the sake of Peyton making it to the probowl every year - then I can see him putting up similar numbers.

If you threw him straight in there now - then I think he may struggle quite alot - he has become accustomed to no.4 WR's that most teams would have as a no.2WR - and has never done well without the Edge in the backfield.

If you have a QB that talented then surely you can afford to stock pile a little more in terms of defensive personnel.

As far as Brady is concerned - my honest opinion is that BB would not be where HE is if Brady was not on the scene.

When Brady took the reigns way back in 2001 - it was essentially Bledsoe's offense that he inherited - an offense that was struggling hugely - but Brady made an immediate impact by putting 44 points on the Colts in his first start.

Would Brady have 3 rings if it wasn't for BB? I doubt it - BB has worked wonders with the D over the last 4 years in conjunction with Crennell - and you cant win it all with an unbalanced side.

Brady is still improving - he is gradually throwing off the shackles that have been imposed by Weis's successful Offense - but I have a feeling that we haven't seen the 'Best Of Brady' yet....


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