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Default Re: Where would the Pats be w/ out Brady?

I still feel Brady is more valuable than Dillon in the scope of things. It is strange that he is now more vocal in interviews and sound bites than ever before. We'll see how this plays out... . As for popularity, I can only imagine it was the imposter Ben that might be under question as Ben is almost next to Mario already in city love. Question, which is the bigger dish? People who fail to pick the Pats to win it all(since they won three of four) or people who feel we are going to lose at least 5-6 more games and be out of the playoffs? My opinion, you guys always say you get no respect, but we could lose 5 more games and be 10 -6[nothing to sneeze at]yet Baltimore is the greatest since slice bread. Not to mention even in bad years we usually split with BAL. Just wondering...
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