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Default Re: What is it w/ us and home field in the playoffs?

Originally Posted by JerseySTEEL
by that afc game our team was beat we were 15-1 our playes have all had injurys we were tired and bettin up. we lost the game dotn keep saying we should have done soimthign its kinda annoying these monday quaterbacks, its over we lost we got this season so buck up lol.
Injuries? Monday Qb's? Why do you always attack someone when they state their opinion? You don't think most teams are taking a beating that time of year? Go ask the Pats. They had a whole new secondary by the end of the year and still won. I don't make excuses why we lost just my opinion from watching every game over the past 7-8 years. Thank you NFL Sunday ticket! Cowher plays not to lose. He needs to learn to play to win or we will never win the SB with him.
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