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Default Re: Steeler vrz Ratbirds

Hey! Sorry to hijack this, but I posted it elsewhere and haven't had a response, and my siutation is somewhat time sensitive:

My father and I have been somewhat estranged from one another for a few years, though despite his Philadelphia roots, he's converted to a hardcore Steelers fan as a means by which he and I would have a common ground. He's had an historically awful few months lately, and since I'll be back in Pittsburgh for the holidays, I was thinking it'd be a great shared experience to buy a pair of tickets for the Ravens game tucked into a Steelers polo as an early Christmas present.

Herein lies my question: I have an opportunity to purchase two sets of tickets, one a few rows back in the first section off the 50, and the other in the "Club Level" a little bit offset from the 50 (from the seating diagram, it looks like they're right around the 40), both on the home sideline. My father is an older man of the corporate executive mold, who is very sedate despite his love of all things Pittsburgh-related. Does the so-called "Club Level" offer any amenities that might make it more desireable than closer seats? Namely, would there be any nearby TV monitors, or is it be in an enclosed area (he's only 54, but hasn't been of the best health lately, and I'm reluctant to put him in a position to be exposed late-December Pittsburgh weather for a prolonged period if I can avoid it, despite the apparent warm streak in the area).

Personally, I'd opt in a heartbeat for as close to the sideline as I can get, but I'm only 22 and would love to get rowdy with the regulars. But I want to try to maximize his enjoyment, and would happily opt for a more calm environment if the Club Level is actually more of a relaxed atmosphere. Any suggestions or insights that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated...admittedly, I've never been to a Steelers game at Heinz (I moved out of the area just before it was completed and rarely make it back since). This is really important to me, and I'd love if anyone could offer some suggestions that would make my ultimate decision a bit more clear...

Many thanks in advance, and a happy holidays & safe travels to all... Take care...
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