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Default Re: Gibson spits in the Steelers faces

Originally Posted by Go_Cats
another draft pick well spent
Draft picks are all projections with alot of uncertainty factored in (even in the early part of the first round, there's potential for huge busts). At the time of Gibson's pick, most people on here (myself included) were congratulating the Steelers on fantastic value in Round 4 (due to his upside - hoped his inconsistency and other negatives would disappear) . . .

When we look back on this draft in a couple of years time, I reckon we'll think it was a pretty good one . . . Miller (if he stays injury free), McFadden, Boo Wallace and Kemeatu should all have at least above average careers and in the case of I reckon Miller, Wallace and Kemeatu quite likely, exceptional ones. Essex looks better than most of us thought when he was select (jury still out on him). Noah Herron may be pretty good for a 7th rounder and who knows with Shaun Nua? (he's shown flashes) . . .

I wouldn't be too concerned at a few poor picks - we've made some pretty inspired picks too . . .
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