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Default Re: Thread deletions

Originally Posted by slashsteel View Post

I have repeatably mentioned that should be deleted from Nigels signature. And that he should be repremanded for this. But all my viewpoints on this disappear. I am sure Tony has to be tired of being flamed...........
hmmm. i havent noticed that EVEN MORE posts have been erased. im sure litp is taking the michael irvin defense on this: "it was/is a joke", even though it may be a joke that only "Bean" could comprehend.

i guess if my name were actually tony or if i was in love with a feminine qb like brady i might be a little offended, but if personal attacks are allowed in a sig i guess homophobia and racial satire is equally acceptable.

i am intrigued by the facination with tony romo though. it must be an insecurity issue about the new golden boy on the block.

i see litp working though. if its good with the boards admin its good with me.
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