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Default Re: Thread deletions

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Ok, ill address this issue here seeing as it has resurfaced in its very own thread.

Firstly, is a genuine website.

A number of people attempted to make you aware of this fact, Slash, but it doesn't appear to be sinking in.

Its a ficticious blog supposedly written by Drew Bledsoe that give us 'his take' on Tony Romo's rise to fame.

A few people have PM'ed to say they enjoyed the web site - personally, I find it amusing and its actually supposed to be pro-Romo rather than the opposite (if you understand satire).

It honestly never even occured to me that 'Tony Hipchest' would take offense - as you can see - he hasn't.

Slash, if you have a problem like this in the future - you should try contacting me directly rather than introduce this stuff into random football related threads.

If that doesn't work then we have two other Mods working here who would be more than happy to address this, or any other issue.

I hope this matter is resolved.

I have actually went to this site myself. It's actually quite funny. It basically mocks Romo, T.O, Parcells and Bleadsoe. I recomend all to check it out
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