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Default Patriots Get It Done

I have to say I am pretty relieved to have week1 out of the way and the 1st win in the bag.


1. Brady had an awesome game - looked in mid-season form as he picked off a weak raider secondary - I think having no pass rush to face also might have helped ha ha!

2. Patriots D stiffened after giving up a few big plays in the 1st half - Jordans catch and run on the first series and Moss's reception for the 70 Yd TD.

3. Pats still have the happy knack of making the big play at the crucial time - Wilfork interception was huge.

4. The Pats going to a 4-3 to give themselves a pass rush to stop Collins lobbing the ball up for Moss.


1. Dillon looked a little slow out of the blocks early in the game on the ground - possibly due to the fact that Oakland were ganging up on him.

2. Special teams seemed distinctly average - missed tackles and a blocked punt will cost us dear against the better teams.

Overall, we done just enough to finish off a dangerous but ultimately one dimensional Raider team.

Lamont Jordan is giving some credence to the opinions held outside of oakland that he has proved nothing as a starting RB - run out of steam in the 2nd half and was cramping up on a regular basis.

Here's to an improved performance in week2


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