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Default Re: Power Back or Defensive Back?

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
Uhm... Neither?

1. Willie is a pro bowl running back and has proved he can carry the load. We do need a power runner but no way do we go to the draft for that. We can get T.J. Duckett (A former #1 pick and great power back) who will be a free agent after this year for little money... The best option with a power back btw... Is for him to spell Willie, not the otherway around.

2. Ike and Bryant Mcfadden in the d backfield sounds pretty darn good to me next year. Ike is a great player having a bad season, just like Ben and many other Steelers, but Im not hearing calls to draft a QB early.

We dont need either of those positions any higher than the third round. What we need is an OLB to replace Joey (I beleive hes leaving and think that he should leave) and were going to need a center in the mid rounds because as good as Jeff Hartings is, he is well into his thirtys now and got handeled in quite a few games this year and last year. Another need were gonna have somewhere down the line is an ILB, James Farrior is past thirty now too and while we have some good backups right now, none of them can be clear cut starters in this league now or in the for-seeable future.

Thats my veiw and I think its the right way to go.

the Steelers tend to stay away from LBers in the first rd. they usually select a "tweener" when they go looking for LBers.

Lets hope they don't take on a Huey Richardson!!!.......or Alonzo Jackson.
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