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First... The word you're trying to use is "traitor" not "trader".

Second... While I would like to see the Pens stay in Pittsburgh, it's not the end of everything. Pittsburghers just don't care that much about hockey. I enjoy hockey and love to see it live, but I cannot afford the prices they are asking. I do not enjoy watching hockey on TV. Therefore, I don't watch much at all and see live games even less.

As for the casino. I don't know much about it at all. I haven't lived in Pittsburgh since the late 80's. I do know it makes sense to me to put it on the North Shore. That's where the stadiums are and other attractions. There's space there as well.

Will it impact the people that live over there? Yes it will. I do feel bad for them but... The casino will bring alot of much needed money into the city as well as the bad elements that come with it. It's a catch 22.
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