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Oh christ, you dissed the wrong guy on this Bettis had nothing to do with this decision. Just because his family backed it, doesn't mean he was the one who awarded the license. Look to your local piece of shit politicians.


First off, slots on the North Shore is going to be a mess. Parking and congestion over there already is a complete mess. If we want to make it a Steelers vs Penguins ordeal. The Rooney's did not..........I repeat, DID NOT want the PITG to win. McClatchy did not want the PITG to win the slots. Keep that in mind.

No matter what Casino they brought in, this city would have brought in money. The only difference, the IOC would have brought money into this city while funding a FREE arena. No tax payer dollars. That arena would not just be for the Penguins, it would have brought in money for other events. So on top of the casino bringing in cash, so would have the arena. It would have been great for both the city and Penguins. That's a point many look past.

If you don't like hockey, that's one thing. That's your choice. At the same time, speak for yourself. Pittsburgh has proven they can pack a nice arena when it comes to hockey. While it's a football town first, there is a large hockey following. I've seen it first hand over many years.

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