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Originally Posted by PisnNapalm View Post
Second... While I would like to see the Pens stay in Pittsburgh, it's not the end of everything. Pittsburghers just don't care that much about hockey. I enjoy hockey and love to see it live, but I cannot afford the prices they are asking. I do not enjoy watching hockey on TV. Therefore, I don't watch much at all and see live games even less.
OMG PisnNapalm - how can you say that? There is a huge Pens following here in the Burgh. For instance - last night, the Pens played the Blues - not exactly a playoff bound team and the game was a sellout - on a TUESDAY night!!! Don't believe for one minute that there isn't a huge hockey following in the Burgh. We love our Pens here and believe me, we'll fight tooth and nail to keep 'em right here where they belong.

Actually - a hockey game is very reasonably priced here, imho. The Pens have had an installment plan for years now where you pay a certain amount over a 6 month period instead of having to pay for the season all at once like the Steelers. Mario Lemieux has gone above and beyond to make Pens' games affordable for season ticket holders as well as fans attending random games here and there. The Pens also hold some very nice promotion nights and are very kid-oriented.

I am not upset with Jerome Bettis or his Mom - we all have different reasons for supporting who we do in this ongoing saga. I'm sure Hines Ward feels totally different, as he (and Jeff Reed) are semi-regulars at the games - XT and I see them quite often. I"m praying with all my might that our Pens remain here in Pittsburgh.

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