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Default Re: Power Back or Defensive Back?

Originally Posted by wedosesteelers2006 View Post

If you were our Organization and you had a choice... Which would you pick.. a Power RB to replace Parker and then use Parker as a change of pace and get more yardage from him after the Power Guy wears them down... OR A young upcoming Shut down corner to help our defense that it has not had since Rod Woodson days....
The Running game would help us a whole lot and it would keep the ball out of the other teams possession thus helping our defense but our Secondary needs help very badly right now and this corner would help imensely...
So, which will it be guys/gals... lets hear your opinions...
I GO RB on my choice... But I am not sure who this would be...
Not to be rude or anything, but you want to replace a Pro-Bowl running back?

I know everyone misses Jerome, but lets be serious, he was the change of pace last year, not Willie. We won a SB with Willie as our RB, and now he is a pro-bowler, andf he's what....25? He is only going to get better. I see no reason to even think about adding a RB to the roster in this off-season, unless we get a chance at TJ Duckett.

IMO we need to look at a nickel back in the 3rd-4th round, I think we need to take a look at some O-line or LB considerations in the first few rounds, those guys aren't gettin any younger. To see we need to replace Willie, I dunno, it's just a bit pre-mature, and plain ole dumb if you ask me.
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