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Default Pittsburghese useage...

I wasn't sure where to put this thread so I thought the "Fans United" area was best.

I haven't lived in the Pittsburgh area since I went off to college in 1987. Today as I watched the NFL Films show about Stiller fans again I thought to myself... "I used to talk like that."

So here's my question for you fans that have moved away.... Do you still sound like a Pittsburgher?

Occasionally I will let rip with some phrase or word pronounciation that will spin the heads of those around me.

I still say::

red up
chipped ham ( I love goin to the deli and asking for "a pahn a chipped ham". They look at me like I got 2 heads.

Oh... I still drop most of the "to be"s from sentences. There's just so much of the dialect that I don't use anymore. It saddens me a bit.

A while back I was talking to someone for the first time and they asked if I was from western PA. I said yes of course and asked how she knew. She said I sounded like it. I took that as a huge compliment.

My other question:: If you could move back, would you?

If I could afford to I would move back in a heartbeat. Perhaps after the kids have grown and moved away. I dunno.
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