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Default Did something unusual last week, worked out pretty good I think.

I was driving down the road and I saw some guy with a sign that said "all trees $20". So I stopped, and he had some trees, and that sounded like a good deal so I bought one. The trees were pine trees.

I took it home and thought a while; the tree was so cheap because someone had chopped it off at the ground (no roots). I couldn't figure out what to do with it so I decided to stick it in some water and I put it inside the house so I could see it, things being so cold outside and all.

It was nice, but plain. So I dolled it up. See, I was at KMart and I was buying some detergent and towels and I saw where they had boxes of lights and little round balls, which I figured would do a nice job of making the tree pretty fancy. I bought some of them and I went home and put the lights all over the tree, and hung the colored balls, and really it looked pretty good.

I just figured I put this here and let folks know, it came out OK if anyone wants to try it too.
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