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Default Re: Patriots Get It Done

Originally Posted by clevestinks
I would expect Lamont Jordan to say theses things. Thats what you do when a team beats you. You are suppose to show some class and praise the winning team. The Pats dont scare me just because of what Jordan says. But I will say this" Even though the Raiders dont have a great pass rush, Brady is as poised at a qb ever has been." He doesnt panic. He is good.
He's also got some of the quietest feet in the pocket you'll see. He's very poised, and smooth dancing or happy feet.

But yeah, I dont Jordan to tell me the pats are good, I already know it, everybody knows it..but they arent invinceable.

Bruschi left a huge hole. Particularly when it comes to drive stopping plays
That, the leadership role as well..when you are playing LB, ur basically the QB of the defense, everybody watches you in the huddle so if they are going to keep this moving along in a positive direction, its going to take time and multiple people stepping up each filling alittle bit of the void that bruschi left.
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