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Default Re: Week 1 - Official Steelers vs. Titans Game Thread

I'm pretty excited, there's this kid in my homeroom whose been saying the titans could own the Steelers for like 2 years, and I'm looking forward to us winning.

By the way, I recieved a sign from god the other day, I think it shows we're gonna win tomorrow. At my local Denny's, I put a dollar into the claw machine everytime I go there. I had put like 20 bucks into it and never won anything. Last night, I put a dollar in, and on my first try, I pulled out a steelers bear. A dollar and 50 cents later, I had 2 Steeler Bears and a Steeler plush ball. 2.50 = 3 wins. I think it's a sign, lol...


P.S. We've got the Ratbirds, Clowns, Bungles, Dollfish... What are the Titans? or is that an insult in itself? lol
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