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Default Re: Help with a shirt

Originally Posted by Dawson63 View Post
I need some help from all you photoshop gurus out there.

I am going to Cincy on New Years Eve for the Steelers game and was trying to come up with a shirt to wear....

Here is the idea I had...I just need someone with some real art skills to perfect it.

I figured I would also wear some fake plastic handcuffs for emphasis

I hate to wear the Bengals colors, but would love to get a good jab in at them considering the last time I went there I had to sit behind a guy with a shirt on that said "Go Back to Shittsburgh!"
You could even put Bungal instead of Bengal......
If you are looking for someone do the art work. I don't know if you have any of those Air Brush artist in the malls where you live.. They usually do awesome art work...
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