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Default Re: Raiders @ Patriots...

You appear to be totally oblivious to the irony of your last post....OF COURSE I am doing what you are doing....its called a debate.

When I post an opinion I am quite happy to read replies and make further comment - I never tell people they cant post..which is esssentially what you are saying to me.

I think my efforts have borne some fruit - you have now given me some examples of how conservative play calling can work out well and I respect your opinion.

I fail to see how that PUNT can possibly be the most important play in football, if that was the case then surely there would be punters going in the 1st round?

I am well aware that a blocked punt can cause serious issues with field placement but surely the lack of a decent QB would present larger problems - see 2004 Dolphins.

What you wont get with me is posts that are consistently prefaced with IMO...or JMO...or IMHO....its pretty much a given that most of my posts are based on my opinion - if I have facts then I shall draw attn to that.

I have to wonder if you are deliberately misinterpreting my posts - I have never said that I KNEW that Patriots will win their division but merely that, in my judgement, they were the best team in the division and a had a better than average chance of finishing top.

Please try to be a little less sensitive - I enjoy the back and forth of debating football on forums.


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