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Default Re: Ohio State vs. Texas

I'm not a gambling man (money wise), but I like to lay it out there on the line sometimes and pick the underdog. Trust me, if there was money on the line, I'd be making none of these picks.

Here's why I like OSU tonight though:

Tressel wins big games and Mack Brown blows them, and this is certainly a big game.
OSU's defense is better than Texas' defense. The stereotype about big 10 defensive team speed is just that.
OSU has more playmakers on offense. Vince Young is cancelled out by Troy Smith, who is a little smaller but a little quicker.
The shoe will be crazy tonight, and it will cause problems with Texas' offense.

I may be wrong as Hell, and if I am I'm gonna stop picking games altogether, but I think these are solid and legitimate reasons why the Buckeyes prevail tonight.

Speaking of, I gotta go grab a good seat at the Sports bar...Hopefully I'll be drunkedly posting up congrats to the Bucks around 11:30 tonight!
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