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Default Re: Ohio State vs. Texas

It was a very entertaining game, and credit to the Horns...

I think Tressel needs to decide on one QB and stick with him, and that QB needs to be Smith. I also hated how they used Smiith...Vince Young is an athlete and a RB playing QB who can throw a little, but Smith is a QB who can throw and run a lot. It was a mistake to change the playbook and try to have Smith be Vince Young and run all the time...he's a very competent passing QB and the Bucks virtually ignored his passing ability.

OSU will still be a very good team, and are capable of running the table...this may be a year where everybody has a loss, and if you lose, lose early. Unfortunately, I don't think there are many scenarios where OSU could play Texas again, but I'd love to see the Bucks get a chance for revenge in the Rose Bowl for a national championship...
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