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Default Re: LLT's Mock draft

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
Pos is gonna go in the top 10 in my opinion. He won't be there at 20 unless no one notices that he is in the pool

I could see that as well SteelCity. (Pos in the top 10) His talent, production, character and school "pedigree" could warrant a selection that high. Even though he's kinda light he's got the frame to add a little more bulk. (Durability would be my only quasi concern)
And while were talking "Big Ten",...... i think the Clowns would be well served to take Troy Smith. He'd be an immediate fan favorite for them. Not to mention i believe that he's going to shock many with his ability to perform very well at the next level.
Nahhhhh,......let's just continue to watch them (Clowns) suffer.

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