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Default Re: So what did the ol guy bring ya???

Steelers squishy pillow
Jerome Bettis book
Super Bowl XL t-shirt (my uncle got me this)
Steelers hat (this was from my friend, actually)
Camo boy pants (yes, i'm aware i'm a girl. Whats wrong with a girl wearing guy stuff?)
KYO T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *probably getting blank stares from everyone on this board* Alright, aside from the Steelers, I'm also an anime/manga freak. Once again, I'm a huge geek, I know...
Sims 2 (yes!)
and itunes gift card- great maybe my sister and i can stop downloading music illegally... hey! I was only joking!

my sister got a Naruto video game, and has corrupted my other sister into liking it. P.S. Naruto is another anime/manga in case you didn't know. This should be an intresting next few days....
Super Bowl XL: Always the champs, no matter what.

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