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Default Re: SANTA SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by steelerbackr4life View Post
Congrats ! Be sure to bring a pic of the Lombardi trophy along with an explanation of what it represents. Something written by Dr. Suess perhaps this will help the Bungle fans understand better.
I do not like the Bengal fan
I do not like the girly man
I will not visit them in jail
I will not post their silly bail

I will not like their sissy squad
Theyre rude, Theyre weird, they all are odd.
I will not like them , not at all
I dont like them..I like football

I will not watch them drive while drunk
or buy a stereo from their trunk
I will not fix their girlfriends phone
or help get minors all alone

I do not like this Bengal team
Tj wears too much Brylcream
Chad acts like a little tyke
Rudi never saw a sideline he didnt like

I do not like them, they are lame
cause they cant win a simple playoff game

Dr. Lambert
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