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Default 2,000 post: Reflection

2,000th post:

I just wanted to use this milestone to share what The Steelers have meant to me. Dont get me wrong...My Health are ALL higher in priority to my beloved Steelers...but in so many ways, they have played a intricate part in all those categories.

My Family: I have spent so many Sunday afternoons with my family watching the steelers ... laughing in victory...shaking my head in frustration. I have a little "tradition" going on with my Bear fan brother and Cowboy fan brother in which we all call each other if one of our teams lose...all that is said is "How about those Steelers" and then they hang up. I have incredible memories of last years Monday night game at Indy with my son and the way that the game and the overnighter in Indy brought us closer together.

My Faith: I love reading about my Steelers..but some of my favorite article are about the Players and their faith. From Jeff Hartings Missionary El's having told the media to give his family time to pray before an Troys humble faithfullness and strength. These articles help support my faith by reminding me that I am not alone in my walk.

My Friends: It seems that everyday I get e-mails from friends about the Steelers and every year for my Birthday and Christmas they are kind enough to buy me mugs..keychains...shot glasses and whatever else my cheap gang happens to stumble across I have one buddy who calls me about three-four times a week and we talk football..the draft...what he wants my wife to make for snacks on Sunday..and what he is going to bring (but never does )

My Health: Football was my sport of choice when I could still play, and when I tore my cartlidge and tendons and had to hang up the cleats...I lived vicariously through my Steelers. I was pretty depressed and angry because I was approached by Boston College and I knew that I had left that opportunity on the operating table. It was specifically my reading Rocky Bleiers Story that persuaded me to hit the gym and rehabilitate ..He was my inspiration during the healing process...and though I couldnt play ball..I bluffed my way into the military (again inspired by Rocky) after college. My career with Military Police and civilian police can be directly traced to that inspiration.

I have enjoyed this forum so much..not just because of my Steelers but because of all of you ...thank you..and here is to another 2,000

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