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Default Re: LLT's Mock draft (Updated 27/12)

Originally Posted by lilyoder6 View Post
fist off Ted Ginn Jr, WR Georgia Tech is not from georgia tech he is from .. lol

i think that oakland will draft quinn instead of detroit picking him up.. i think kitna is doin ok for him.. i would say for detroit is to get a ol or work on there def
is this supposingly the draft order for the draft???
No this isnt the order and the correct order will be updated after the playoffs or soon before the end of the playoffs.

Thanks for the heads up on Ginn...I update as i hear scuttlebutt about different team needs, and it looks like I updated the name and not the school. As a Mod..can you fix that for me?

I wont argue your point about Detroit not picking a QB...its like I said in the comments...I thinks its what they SHOULD do..but have no faith in them doing the right thing.
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