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Default Re: 2,000 post: Reflection

Originally Posted by Big D View Post
My bad. I think I often times I forget about you because you live in cincy. You know you are one of my favorites and are part of our clique.
Thanks Bi......hey...wait a minute! What do you mean you forget about me???? You're near Cleveland, LLT is in ILLINOIS!!!! How do you forget me in Cincy????? hmmmm.....

Anyway, since I'm in the clique then Stillers and Meanie must be in...and of course Arkie and Dom, and Tony has to be (you know how testy he gets) and all the new folks from my home town have to be invited and....... (I'm thinking this "clique" might be getting a little large)....

Thanks to MeanJoe for surprising me with my new sig.
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