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Default Re: LLT's Mock draft

Originally Posted by SteelCzar76 View Post
Well said LLT and I feel you, regards to need and availability. But i think at least one of them would still be on the board early in the second. The reason i say this is because, i really believe that someone will select Texas Cb Aaron Ross (and very possibly Daymeion Hughes). Thereby dropping one of the aforementioned corners into the early second.

I honestly believe Laron Landry is the best "overall" Db coming out this year. And i think he would be a very good selection for us in the first. I know he's a F/S,... but he's played both Safety positions as well as Cornerback. I think that flexibilty along with his playmaking ability would make him an immediate "impact" player for us in the secondary. (Look at how his brother Dawan is performing for the Ratbirds,.....and he's not the player Laron is)
As far as Bush,....i don't think he's that big a "reach" in reality. His injury was a break with no ligament damage. (Not to mention very early in the season) If he rehabed properly he should be the same player he was prior to the injury.
Oh yeah,...... good call on Cutler. But you know the Raiders front office always goes with the "sexy" pick at a need position. (Unless of course that need is QB,.....they prefer "journeymen") LOL

"Hail Caesar,......HAIL THE BLACK AND GOLD"
Man I LOVE Laron!!! and agree that he is gonna be special...I have Hughes going to Buffalo at 17 and Ross going to New Englans at 28..I would have had Ross earlier but with limited experience I am a little gunshy...
(How would you like to get one of the CB's..and turn around in the second and have Bush still on the boards!!!???)
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