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Default Re: LLT's Mock draft (Updated 27/12)

Originally Posted by skidboot View Post
would we really go for Landry?

Polamalu (contract is up after this year?) and A.Smith as starters in the future along with Carter etc do we really have the room for Landry?

nothing against Landry, I just don't see the fit.

BTW.....I think that R.Nelson stepped up this year and became the #1 S for the Draft.

We are also going to have to address the LB position. When?.....hopefully early. Porter, Farrior and Haggans are all creeping up on that magical "30" number.

I'd love to see us drop a wee bit and pick up a couple of picks.

The way i look at it skid, can never have enough "stud" DB's. (Worst case scenario,'ve got QUALITY depth.) Smith shows a considerable amount of promise and i've endorsed him since camp. But let's not count our proverbial chickens before they hatch. ?
Now with that said,.......both Clark and Ty are expendable. (Clark less so,.....but still "average" at best) And Mike Logan is in the "twighlight" of his career.
And Landry is not an "average" player. Like i said before,... he has played every position in the secondary and could very well make the switch to corner. And being that this year's crop of corners is relatively weak (in a sense that they're no "exceptional" impact guys)..........i think you go with the best "overall" DB.
Nelson has had an impressive "SEASON" at the safety position. But Landry has been productive for his entire tour at LSU,.....and IMO is the "total package". (so to speak)
Bottom line,......our defensive backfield though not our only still our most considerable one and should be addressed aggressively. (ie forget about the "bandaids on bulletwounds" players.)

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