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Default Re: LLT's Mock draft (Updated 27/12)

Originally Posted by NCSteeler View Post
Anyone think that maybe Anthony Smithis a little too wild to play on the same field as Troy? I was thiking that Troy is complimented more by a steady guy who is going ot be where he is supposed to be to cover for Troy. Smith already seems more like Troy and while it's hard to say that is a bad thing, it might be bad to have 2 Troys on the field at the same time. Does any of that make sense?

It makes perfect sense NC. The key is to have someone else on the field with Troy that he can not only trust to be the "last line of defense",....but someone whom can also "make plays" as well,...... without sacrificing the well being of their unit.
This is easier said than done though,....and takes an exceptional player to do so.

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