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Default Re: Should Willie remain the starter?

Originally Posted by Steel - X
Reading all the previous posts I read nothing about how bad the defense was. I selected maybe beacuse yes he looked good but the defense was down right miserable. I dont think Tennesse could have tackled me without pads with no offensive line in front of me. Granite I think he should get a couple more starts to prove it wasnt the defense. If he can play against a high quality defense and not the bad news Bears then I think he deserves the shot. Great game though!!
I agree that the Titans defense does suck. But arent good teams suppose to expoit weaknesses of other teams and take advantage of them? If Willie and co. didnt play well, they everybody would have thought that the Titans had a descent defense. Regardless of how good or bad thier defense was. Willie kicked thier asses. He broke tackles, stiff armed db`s, and out ran everyone on the field. If those same tackles were broken by Staley or Bettis, they wouldnt have out ran the defenders like Willie did. Willie Parker hits the holes like he was shot out of a slingshot. One thing I noticed when we played the Redskins in preseason, was how fast and hard Clinton Portis hits the holes. The Bus had holes to hit but by the time he got to them, they were closing in. Imagine Willie with his speed hitting the same holes that Bettis and Staley get, linebackers would definitley have to change thier angles, if they were to take the same angle on Willie that they would on Staley, Parker would be 5 yards past the already. The Bus doesnt want to start anyway, he only want short yardage and goal line. Staley has never really taken over the spot since he has been here. He was given the spot, he didnt earn it. Even after injuries last year, everyone wanted Bettis to continue to start, not Staley. Should Staley sit, not all the time, but Willie needs to be on the field more, alot more, more than any other back we have.
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