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Default Re: David Pollack going home...

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Hey B21 - I was just calling it as I seen it - a case of the pot calling the kettle black and all that...

In any case, your buddy Brian reacted to my thoughts on david Pollack with some pretty nasty comments - I wont pretend they upset me but they seemed a little out of place in what was essentially football talk/smack.

Anyway its old news now - this all happened back in the days when our teams weren't in posession of 100% records eh?!


I was just in a bad mood that day apparently... I dont normally get that 'nasty'... I already have one friend who is a pats fan.. I cant like you all ;)

Now Mike... He is a dif story.. Total ass... He was asked to stop personally attacking people at least 10 times.. He usually responded with comments attacking me for whatever reason.. I let it slide for the longest time b/c I felt sorry for him... He doesnt have many friends... But I eventually learned why he doesnt... Since then, he finds me all over the net and tries to badmouth me and our site... It's really kinda creepy... He is one strange individual..

**** the Steelers!
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