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Default Re: Should Willie remain the starter?

I'd go one further than that...mix 'em the backfield with 2 or 3 of them in there. The wishbone is legal. Why not?

Parker is speed, Bettis is power, and Duce lands right in the middle. Parker worked on his pass protection in the offseason. I think the more varied the roles these guys play the better.

Think about it...when you play Baltimore, you gameplan to shut down Jamal Lewis, and he's one player with his tendencies and idiosyncrasies and his things he can and cannot do. You shut Holmes down, you win...plain and simple.

Imagine trying to figure out a way to stop an offense with THREE different styled RB's, all of whom can beat you in different ways, capable receivers, 2 of which have played QB at the college level, a TE who can gain seperation and catch passes, and a QB who can pass from the pocket, on the run, and can also scramble for yards if need be.

If I was Ken Whisenhunt, I'd be chomping at the bit every week to get my plays on the field and executed. Add in a solid kicker, a good ST unit, and perhaps the leagues best defense, and what do you come up with?

A Super Bowl win. I said last year if we didn't go on and win the SB I'd be more disapointed than angry because all the elements were there...I think I was a year early...

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