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Default Re: Alternate Uniforms for summer games

This will be the Stillers' 75th season, and to commemorate this event, I'd like to see them go back to their uniforms of the late-'50s/early-'60s:
it could be a one-year-deal, with the game-worn uniforms auctioned-off after the season, and sales of replica jerseys would sell like hot-cakes.

Here is Ernie Stautner, 'modeling' the home uniforms, consisting of a Black jersey with ALL Yellow numbering & stripes, White trousers with narrow Black/Yellow/Black striping down the side, and a Yellow helmet:

John Henry Johnson shows-off the road uniforms, using the current helmet, a white jersey with Black stripes and numbers on Yellow sleeves, Black numerals front-and-back with Yellow borders, and the identical trousers worn at-home:

Instead of the U.S. Steel-inspired logo, I'd use the seldom-seen logo of a steel-worker, punting a football while straddling an I-beam.
"If I could start my life all-over again, I would be a professional football-player, and you damn-well better-believe I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler!"
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