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Default Re: THE OFFICIAL - Bash James Brown thread

Yep - it always happens when somebody dies -- the media goes to work making them bigger in death then they were in life -- I have always wondered why we can't just admire their talents and nothing else - don't strain to talk about what great people they were - just talk about the music, the athletic ability, etc and then stop!! - Derek Thomas of the Chiefs was another example of this - here was a guy with 8 kids from 7 different women - when he died he had nothing - nada set aside for any of his kids - but yet he had several closets full of expensive designer shoes and clothing and he was highly disrespectful towards women - especially the mothers of his children -- but there was the media talking and straining about what a great guy he was -- shut up!!! - just say he was a good pass rusher and leave it at that - and move on....
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