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Default Re: Rollercoaster Ride

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
You know what Im hearing Figg?

Someone who regurgitates everything he reads on, including facile descriptions such as 'heart and soul'...without your heart you die....I dont think we died you? No I dont. But to come in here like everything is rosie in Patsie land is a joke! The leader of your defense had a stroke. Thats not a worry?

Maybe you think I forgot about those losses, is that it? Your the one talking about the Steelers rollercoaster lol. Worry about your own. You started this silly thread and came off like a pompous ass to me. "Your team is on a rollercoaster and everything is perfect with my team"

Either way, we seem to be managing ok. So far so good. Yeah after one game everything is gravy.
Cheers Save it
Im not sure why you have taken such offence to this thread Figg - it was just an outsiders perspective of the last few weeks in Steeler World and not intended to be patronising in any way.

The stuff you wrote about Bruschi and our Co-ordinators we knew about for some time and were able to plan for a couple of months whereas it seemed to me something crazy was happening for the Steelers every couple of days.....

I find it amusing that you call my thread 'silly' when you get involved in dumb threads with Bengal fans that last 150 pages and all seem to consist of one liners.

Each to their own I suppose.

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