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Default Re: Rollercoaster Ride

Well, a couple observations from the "inside".

Plex was a loser from the time he stood up w/o being tackled and spiked the ball away..I always figured him to be an underachiever, and when the Steelers cut him loose, I think they sent 2 messages A) He's not a team player and, B) We need his big salary gone so we can pay Hines Ward. I still don't see what all the controversy over Ward was about, except maybe the fact that the Steelers practically never have anybody sit out and we aren't used to it as fans.

As for Willie, in his last 2 games he's rushed 41 times for 363 yards (averaging nearly 9 YAC), with 102 of those coming against an excellent Buffalo defense who desperately needed to win to make the playoffs. After watching him in camp, it was pretty obvious he was for real.

I'm also not sure why some people were ready to jump off the nearest bridge based on Ben's preseason performance...most of us realized it meant almost nothing. He worked hard in the offseason, and all the kid has ever done is win.

The only real concern I had was the right side of the OLine, and that was answered pretty early on in preseason. We are a better team then we were last year, more experienced at QB, just as dangerous defensively, with more weapons on offense than last year (Speed kills, and Wilson and Parker both bring a ton of it).
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