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Default Re: THE OFFICIAL - Bash James Brown thread

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
I fail to see how paying respects to James Brown and remembering his contributions to the music industry is giving him a "free pass." Should we just forget about that altogether? I don't think that's fair or right. Gerald Ford just passed away - should we only remember his pardon of Nixon? When Nixon himself passed away, people still paid their respects and found positive things to say about him - should we have only focused on the Watergate scandal? How about Derrick Thomas and John Lennon and JFK or Bill Clinton for that matter - should people not remember the good that they did just because of their conduct in their personal lives? Was James Brown a perfect person? Obviously, he was not...but neither are you, me or anyone else.
I agree with you - we should be respectful - but why strain to say what a great person somebody is? You can say JB was an incredible musician and then stop - I watched a tribute to him the other night and the guy was amazing on stage - but don't strain to make him out to be some wonderful person when his personal life is a train wreck - Derrick Thomas was a poor excuse of a human being also - I just don't like the message it sends ... talk about how he was a great pass rusher and stop - a business associate of mine was close to one of Thomas's seven mothers of his kids - that's why I mentioned him in one of my previous posts - what they were saying in the media did not match at all - the guy was a pathetic loser with the way he treated his kids're right - nobody's perfect, but we shouldn't be dishonest and make them bigger in death then they were in life...
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