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Default Re: THE OFFICIAL - Bash James Brown thread

Originally Posted by sumo View Post
Dude - I love the Chairman of the Board - in fact I will be singing 'Fly Me to the Moon' at karoake tonight - and I used to love John Lennon until you shared those wonderful lyrics he wrote -- what do you know about Sinatra? - I've heard all the stuff about his mob ties - is this what you are referring to? -
He had a personal cruel streak, according to Dominick Dunne. In his book The Way We Lived Then: Confessions of a Well-Known Name Dropper, he relates a story where Sinatra paid the maitre 'd of a restaurant $50 to punch Dunne in the face as he sat for dinner. Dunne says the real cruelty wasn't in the punch; it was that he employed a flunky to do it, a man who was not in a position to refuse and who was friendly and familiar with Dunne; it was the humiliation of the man that was the message Sinatra sent along with the blow.

Here is an excerpt from a transcript of an interview with Bob Costas.

DUNNE: Sinatra for some reason never liked me. I had stage managed him in "Our Town" the musical version of "Our Town" with Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen music. And Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint were -- it was incredible.

And I don't know if it start there'd or what, but it was the first time I ever saw a star really behaving badly. And anyway, so it always -- and the years passed. And it was never nice. So I was in a nightclub called the Daisy. And a waiter tapped me on the shoulder. He was somebody I knew very well.

And he said -- I looked up at him like this. And he said, oh, I'm terribly sorry Mr. Dunne, Mr. Sinatra made me do this. And he hauled off and hit me, punched me. And it was awful.

And I could look over and there's Frank sitting at the next table like with pleasure in his eyes. And he's sitting with Nancy, his daughter, and Tina, his daughter both of whom I knew and with Mia Farrow whom he was then engaged to. I knew them all. It was this awful experience.

COSTAS: We have about 15 seconds. As you told the story, he paid the guy $50. The guy could be bought off that cheaply? He was Frank Sinatra, but you were a regular customer, too.

DUNNE: Fifty bucks was a lot of money in the '60s. That's when it happened. And he was a good guy. He was a phrased (ph) Italian. And he was afraid not to. And he cried afterwards. He followed me out to the car. He cried, this poor guy. But he was afraid not to do what Frank told him.
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