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Default Re: What team scares you? and why?

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I would say you were pretty much over-matched in the Championship game last year.

I think you just about listed every possible way to lose your average football game ...then said 'if we didnt do this we woulda won....'....kinda obvious if you ask me.

When is a fumble not 'ill-advised'?? (Running fault)

INT's for TD's (Throwing fault)

Penalties/ Bad coaching (Preperation fault)

Yep..I think its fair to say that if you avoid all these in future you will go 16-0 on a regular basis and waltz off witht he SB too.


The funny thing about being over-matched in the playoffs I don't think so. How many times has J. Bettis fumbled during the course of the season maybe once or twice. He fumbles while not even being hit. Our defense chose to have a let down, if you remember during the season when we played those thing didn't happen and the final score indicated that. But hey why are we livinginthepast, we'll see who's over matched in Week 3.
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